Streaming Polls Documentation

Publishing a New Streaming Poll

StreamPollMaster caters not only to streamers but also to individuals looking to share polls with friends and audiences, whether it's deciding on lunch spots or determining the best movie. With our streamlined poll system, everything is fast and easy. Simply visit new poll, fill out the form, and click publish. It's straightforward, and you need not worry about additional options.

If you're a streamer seeking to broadcast a poll during your livestream and display alerts whenever someone votes, the process becomes more intriguing. Upon clicking , a comprehensive list of options to customize the poll for your broadcast will appear.

  • Email: This field is optional. If you provide your email, you will receive your poll URLs via email, ensuring you won't lose them.
  • Timing: If you choose to use timing, you can set when your poll starts accepting votes and when voting ends.

Additional options are revealed upon clicking Configure OBS Studio Alerts Widget. StreamPollMaster offers a plethora of customizations for your poll alert widgets:

  • Alert GIF URL: This is the default GIF URL that will appear in alerts if users haven't selected another GIF.
  • Alert Audio: Toggle alert sounds on/off. Enabling them will reveal a list of selectable sounds.
  • Select a Theme for the Alert: Choose between three different widget themes: default Pop Up, Bubble, and Reel.
  • Alert Message:

    Compose a custom alert message using %2 for viewer nickname and %1 for option text. Maximum 100 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Use \r\n to create new lines.

    e.g., %2 has voted\r\n%1 on your poll

  • Alert Message Color: Sets the color of the message.
  • Alert Parameters Color: Sets the color of the parameters.
  • Alert Font: Sets the alert font.
  • Alert Animation on Show: Defines the animation when the alert appears.
  • Alert Animation on Hide: Defines the animation when the alert disappears.

To stay engaged with your audience, you can also click on Configure QR Code to generate a custom QR code for your voting link, allowing your audience to easily scan and vote:

  • Margin Size: Sets a margin to the code, improving readability.
  • Dot Style: Choose from various code styles that complement your streaming layout.
  • QR Code Corner Eyes: Alter QR code eye style and color.
  • QR Code Corner Dot Style: Modify QR corner style and color.

You can save all your settings as a template for future polls. When you return, simply select "Use a Template," choose your desired template, ask your question, input your choices, then click publish—ready to go.

Use Poll in OBS Studio

Both alerts and poll results function as browser source widgets, simplifying their integration into OBS Studio. Upon publishing, you will receive three URLs: one for poll results, one for alert widgets, and one for voting. Learn how to utilize browser source by referring to the OBS Studio Browser Source Documentation.

Poll Results URL: Insert this URL into an 800x800 Browser Source window and place it within one of your scenes. It will automatically update after every vote.

Poll Alert URL: Insert this URL into an 800x800 Browser Source window and place it within one of your scenes. It will display an alert every time a user votes in your poll.

Vote URL: Share this URL with your audience to gather votes. You can distribute either this link or the QR code for convenience.

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